Meow, bitch.

I kiss her.

I kiss her like it’s the first time I’ve ever kissed her.

I kiss her like it’s the last time I’ll ever kiss her.

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“Compliment her. Every time she wears something nice or if her hair is as beautiful as a shining silk. Let her know that her eyes are sparkling like thousand fireflies. That you’ve always love to kiss her because the kisses you’ve made with her feels like it’s the very first kiss you have ever tasted, like you’ve forgotten any other lips that your lips has ever touched. Look at her like she’s the prettiest girl you have ever seen. Caress her soft skin until you fall asleep hugging her, because it’s the only skin you want to feel pressing against yours in the morning. Remind her that she doesn’t need to be conscious with every part of her body because it was made, not for her to change it, but for you to love it. Tell her all the things that you like about her like it’s the first time she ever hears it. Compliment her not because she loves hearing it, but do it because she has always been waiting for that someone to say it to her. Notice her flaws and love it to make her feel that you accepted not just the pretty parts but everything about her. Make her feel how wonderful it is to be loved with all the perfect imperfections that she has and will always have.” — Amanda S. “That Is How You Keep Her” | 7:23PM (via escafeism)

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Natapos ko na basahin yung If I Stay (Well, better late than never). And now I’m still not sure if I’m ready to read the next book which is yung Where She Went? Actually binasa ko lang naman dahil nga gusto ko naman ma-experience na nabasa ko muna yung book bago ko panoorin pag naging movie na. Hahahahaha yeah, that’s the main reason. Kaya din hindi ko pa pinapanood yung TFIOS kase di ko pa binabasa yung book. Ayokong makipagsabayan nung kasagsagan nung pinalabas yun. Ayokong makisali sa “Okay? Okay.” fansclub hahahahaha. Naging jejemon yung dating nung dumami yung nahilig sa TFIOS. Ewan ko lang ha. Baka nga siguro ganun kaganda yung book and movie kaya gagang gaga sila, lol. Pero dinadownload ko na yung TFIOS movie. And I’ll make sure na nabasa ko muna yung book bago ko panoorin para feel na feel ko. Kahit pa maraming deleted scenes wala kong pake.

Naiinis ako pag series yung book minsan. Yung tipong gustong gusto ko na matapos, kaya lang parang walang katapusan. Kaya minsan pag series yung book, mga next week ko na babasahin yung isa. Fresh padin naman sa utak ko yung nangyari sa past book so keri lang. Pag inabot ng buwan, baka di ko na basahin kahit kelan. Charot. Hahahahaha!

Ewan ko ba. Ngayon lang ako nahilig magbasa. Simula ng napa-download ako ng mga e-books. Sunod sunod na! Halos isang libo na ata nasa e-book lib ko. Hahahahaha OA ba? Pero seryoso hahaha halos ganun na karami. And so far 1% palang nababasa ko, lol. Sinusulit ko na yung mga araw na pwede ko pang gawin tong mga bagay na to. Baka kase sa susunod, hindi na pwede.

Hindi ko din alam bakit ba shineshare ko tong bagay na to sa tumblr. As if namang may pakelam si tumblr sa nararamdaman ko diba? At sa mga ganap sa buhay ko. Hahahahahaha.

Pero isang bagay yung sigurado ako. Di pa talaga ko inaantok. Mag-4 am na oh.

A Question

It was a question I had worn on my lips for days - like a loose thread on my favorite sweater I couldn’t resist pulling - despite it could all unravel around me.

"Do you love me?" I ask.

In your hesitation I found my answer.

(c) Love & Misadventure, Lang Leav

Lost Things

Do you know when you’ve lost something - like your favorite T-shirt or a set of keys - and while looking for it, you come across something else you once missed but have a long since forgotten? Well whatever it was, there was a point where you decided to stop searching, maybe because it was no longer required or a new replacement was found. It is almost as if it never existed in the first place, until that moment of rediscovery, a flash of recognition.

Everyone has one - an inventory of lost things waiting to be found. Yearning to be acknowledge for the worth they once held in your life.

I think this is where I belong - among all your other lost things. A crumpled note at the bottom of a drawer or an old photograph pressed between the pages of a book. I hope someday you will find me and remember what I once meant to you.

(c) Love & Misadventure, Lang Leav


Rarely do the words I love you precede a question mark - but it is a question nonetheless and your answer to mine was the incarnation of a wish - the fulfillment of a promise.

Somewhere between falling in and out of love, the question spilled from our lips over and over - readily answered with greedy hands and ravenous mouths. It was cautiously whispered on rooftops, as we looked down on terrifying heights and cried out under creased, white sheets in breathless admissions.

Towards good-bye, I asked the question, and your reply was a thoughtless echo as I stood, feeling as though I was shouting meaningless words into an empty canyon - just to hear them repeated back.


I love you" he says for the first time.

I turn my body to face his. “Say it again.

He says it over and over again, pulling me beneath him.

(c) Love & Misadventure, Lang Leav

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Chitoge Kirisaki

Gustong gusto ko ayusin yung blog ko kaya lang tamad na tamad talaga ko. Ayaw akong dalawin ng sipag eh, nung nakaraan pa. hahahahaha. Ena talaga. Tapos bakit ganun? Medyo hindi ko trip mga kanta sa 7jib ng SJ ngayon huhuhu. Pero kyut nung 환절기 (Mid-season) nila na kanta. Saka yung Island. Ayun, nashare ko lang naman. Ganun ba talaga pag tumatanda? Nag-iiba na mga trip na kanta.

Magddownload ba ko o magddownload? Pukininam.

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“If you stay, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll quit the band, go with you to New York. But if you need me to go away, I’ll do that, too. I was talking to Liz and she said maybe coming back to your old life would be too painful, that maybe it’d be easier for you to erase us. And that would suck, but I’d do it. I can lose you like that if I don’t lose you today. I’ll let you go. If you stay.” 

- Gayle Forman, If I Stay

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“The only people up at 3 am are in love, lonely, drunk, or all three.” — (via heeeymich)

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